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What if you came home and found your husband and sister in bed together? Raleigh thinks it deserves tickle punishment of the highest kind! She restrains Tika and Chester to the bed TOGETHER and then tickles them mercilessly as punishment, first on their bare feet, and then straddles them and gives them more on their upper bodies! Of course, this will require some serious revenge from them as they sneak back in and DOUBLE TEAM tickle her like CRAZY!

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The head surgeon at this hospital is always hitting on all the nurses. When he tries this with Nurse Daisa he finds out that not all nurses are easy. She puts him through her own thorough exam - first giving him a good spanking for embarrassing her. Then she forces him to worship her stocking feet. She is in control and he knows it. Willing to do anything he awaits her next order. When she is ready, hot and willing, she decides to give him what he really wants: some good old fashioned sex. First she sits on his cock then he fucks her doggy style until they both get off.

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